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Buddhist Essential Support Trust (BEST)
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BUDDHIST ESSENTIAL SUPPORT TRUST (BEST) - Supporting in rural communities in Myanmar

Preserving the noble teachings of the Buddha depends on establishing strong roots of Buddhism in the rural communities. Instead of building pagodas in already rich and prosperous areas, Buddhist Essential Support Trust (BEST), a charity registered in the UK, focuses on supporting Buddhist practices and the teaching of Buddhism in the rural and poor communities where needs are also greatest.

In countries where Theravada Buddhism prevail, like Myanmar, village life revolves around the monastery. There, children from a young age learn about the Buddha’s teachings. Boys are ordained when they come of age and spend time at the monastery as novices practicing Buddhism as well as learning ‘Pali’, and rules of ‘vinaya’ for their proper conduct as monks. In the rural areas Buddhism is deeply entrenched in the lives of the people of all ages and gender. People generously donate robes, food, medicine and shelter essential for a monk’s survival. It is in these rural communities that Buddhism receives strongest expression.

However, due to the hardship of people in recent years, lay followers have been less able to support the monks (Sangha). Village monasteries are in need of much repair and fewer boys are entering monkhood.

Where there is plenty of water there is no need for rain but in areas where water is scarce let the rain of metta (loving-kindness and generosity) pour down.

To preserve and contribute to the flourishing of Buddhism in the rural communities in Myanmar.

1. To provide the four essentials of food, shelter, robe and medicine to monks.

2. To give financial aid to projects for maintenance and repair of monasteries.

3. To support educational activities including those to enhance the learning of Pali.

Rural Communities in Myanmar and donations to the Buddhist monasteries in the UK.

May the teachings of the Lord Buddha prosper. We ask you to join us in this aim and share the merits of our efforts.