News Item: Learn With A Smile
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Posted by aywmyn
Sunday 25 February 2018 - 01:49:00

BEST donated 1.5 million kyats to the Dhamma Maydini Parahita school in North Oakalapa on 11th February 2018 marking the 14th year of donation to this deserving establishment. In his keynote speech, Dr. Crawley, the former head of the BBC Eastern Service, paid tribute to BEST Founder U Nay Win highlighting his lifelong interest in education and learning. Dr. Crawley said U Nay Win’s passion for learning never ceased. He recalled U Nay Win’s radio programmes in which he enthusiastically passed on what he had seen and learned. Dr. Crawley highlighted three key messages. He said that learning and education may be difficult but should be fun. He also said that learning continues long after we leave school and that learning should always be followed with a smile. Dr. Crawley said “To us foreigners, Burmese people - boys and girls, are famous for their smiles. So be happy as you learn!” he encouraged.

Dr. William Crawley among the smiling students.

This news item is from Buddhist Essential Support Trust (BEST)
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