News Item: 2018 AGM
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Sunday 16 September 2018 - 15:09:40

On a sunny Sunday afternoon at the home of Daw Khin Win Mya, over one hundred friends and supporters of BEST gathered for the most well attended AGM to date. Equipped with guitars, drums and boundless talent, the BEST youth brought fresh energy and entertainment for all around.

THANK YOU all for your support and for being there with us. THANK YOU Mr. Justin King for these wonderful photos and video!

The BEST Family photo, Sunday 22 July 2018


KEEP A CALM MIND - Thuta and Naythan act out one of the Lord Buddha's most valuable teachings
Our talented youth from the Sunday School share their daily prayers and metta

Oakkah on the drums
Thuta on the guitar

Zabu as Ed Sheeren
Naychi, Kalya, Zina and Kaythi IMAGINE

The entertainment programme closed with a song and a dance by the youngest youth of all - Dr. Ko Ko Gyi and Dr. Thwe Oo! First performed on Myanmar TV, this new year song, entitled "Shwin laan chan myay par say" wished everyone peace and happiness.

Dr. Ko Ko Gyi and Dr. Thwe Oo.

Short Slide Show
Full Length Video
Thank you Mr. Justin King for the photos and the video.

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